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About Us should really be called 'About Me', as Indi-Dog is a 1 woman enterprise!

That's right, whenever you phone, email, Facebook/Twitter/Instagram Indi-Dog you are alway talking to me, and I also make every single item that leaves the Indi-Dog workshop! :) I'm Sid, 24 year old mum to 1 human child, Blake, and 3 furkids, Kira, Grey and Keyu (all Siberian Huskies). Based in Ipswich, Suffolk, I set up Indi-Dog in July 2011 after becoming increasingly frustrated at the lack of pretty yet affordable dogwear that was designed for Siberians. I inherited a Singer sewing machine called Betty from my Mum (who inherited her from my Gran, Betty is over 50 years old!), spent £10 on some supplies and set about making my own collars for my pack.

I showcased my early makes on dog forums before setting up the Indi-Dog website and Facebook page, and it's been non stop since! 

Indi-Dog is coming up on it's 4th year in business and has gone from an inherited sewing machine sandwiched between 2 sofas in the corner of my living room, to taking up a whole room with supplies and a giant beast of an industrial Juki machine. Betty is still with us, she's currently holidaying with another work at home mum in Wales making children's accessories!

I adore what I do and take a huge amount of pride in my work, which is the main reason I work alone, I'm a perfectionist! I love every item that leaves my hands and I hope you do too! 

Here's to many more years :)

Sid x


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