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Custom made dogware is at the heart of Indi-Dog, it's where we started. Getting to know our customers, and detailed discussions to nail the details where always the best part of the job, and sadly the part that got lost when we tried to take on too much.

As Sid prepares to return from maternity leave (where has the time gone!?), we are shaking things up with how custom orders will work from here on out. With our family now a pack of 4, obviously we can't continue to take on an uncontrolled number of custom orders, and so we will be operating via a waiting list for this side of the business (vari-fits to be ordered as normal).

Each week Sid will work down the list, and take on a reasonable number of orders she is able to complete the following week. Those customers will then be contacted to discuss their order details and set up payment, and the order will be completed in the following week. By working this way Sid will be able to adjust her workload to suit our family, and to help with vari-fit orders if need be. No payment is taken on joining the list, payment is only due once your order has been confirmed with Sid. You are free to change your mind and remove yourself from the waiting list at any time.

Prices for custom (patterned) items are:

Collars - from £12
Leads - from £12
Harnesses - from £25 (plain from £20)
Walking belts - from £25 


Final price will be dependent on specifics such as:

Collar/lead/harness style
Padding type
Hardware material
Ribbon(pattern) choice*
Optional extras

*Sid will work with you to find something you love, we have a good selection in stock to choose from, but if nothing we have takes your fancy she will work to find something suitable. WE DO NOT WORK WITH COPYRIGHT/CHARACTER IMAGES.

Sid will contact you in the week before she is due to work on your order to discuss specifics and take measurements, if you know what type of collar/lead/harness you need already then fab, but if not Sid will be able to discuss with you what would work for you and your dog. Please let us know how you would best like to be contacted (email/phone/WhatsApp etc).

Once your order details are confirmed, a Custom Order Slot (COS) will be made available for you to purchase on the website. Sid will then begin your order, to be posted out on the following Friday.

Custom orders are non refundable, but we are able to alter items that don't fit quite right, please let us know within 14 days of receiving your item if there are any issues.

Please join the waiting list below, and we'll be in touch with you soon!

Please CLICK HERE to see some of our custom options such as harness styles.

Join the waiting list here

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