Custom Order Slots

Please only purchase the slot that is in your name, these slots are pre-agreed via email/phone/private message and are tailored to the customers requirements.

To order a custom slot please email, call or contact us via our facebook page to discuss your requirements. A custom slot will then be set up for you to purchase.


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15" double gemstone biothane collar Pink, purple and rainbow stones on purple Green/grey VF belt..
Water bottle holder..
6m police lead with padded traffic handles (3) and safesnap clips wine red webbing, royal blue fl..
custom running/weightpull harness with neoprene lining specs on FB messenger ..
verso harness 1) 21 cms 2) 20 cms 3) 53 cms Extra ring, black neoprene padding, handle, standard..
2 x 1.5m safesnap police leads with traffic handles. 1 x Purple 1 x Hot pink ..
1.5m red safesnap regular lead with handle padding and extra ring..
50mm Vari Fit Houdini harness with reflective/fluro yellow. Stainless rings and neoprene padding ..
Custom Zorb attachment..
INS verso harness with front ring, neoprene padding, ribbon all over 1: 10.5 2: 10 3: 27 matc..
16mm I need space harness with front ring and back handle matching 2m police lead..
1.5m ladder lead in black..
3 x single chain safesnap lead with traffic handle. 1 x chain split lead padding in handles and s..
2 x safesnap maxway leads with padding 1 x safesnap Zorb maxway..
4 x fabric collars 3 x matching 2m police leads with handle padding..
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