Custom Order Slots

Please only purchase the slot that is in your name, these slots are pre-agreed via email/phone/private message and are tailored to the customers requirements.

To order a custom slot please email, call or contact us via our facebook page to discuss your requirements. A custom slot will then be set up for you to purchase.


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15" double gemstone biothane collar Pink, purple and rainbow stones on purple Green/grey VF belt..
165cm figure 8 lead with large ring. Black..
2m Zorb police lead with orange handle. Brass hardware..
20mm biothane harness. Hot pink with baby pink neoprene lining. Front ring 1 - 25.5 2 - 19 3 - ..
1 =. 8.5 2 =. 7.5 - 8 3= 26 4 =. 23 - 23 & a half With extra ring S..
29" standard walking belt with side carabiner and attachment point for flexi lead All black..
120cm safesnap regular leads with traffic handles and ring. Orange & electric blue..
Verso harness with padding all over. Buckle closure. Neck clips, handle and front ring...
Custom Slot For Indi-Dog
This is an example slot. Please contact us to book a custom slot. ..
Do not pet verso harness with front ring and grab handle. Neoprene padding 1. 32cm 2. 21cm 3. 64..
85cm combination pro/side belt with carabiner. Black and grey..
25mm vari-fit harness with detachable belly strap. Brown web black neoprene padding. Stainless hardw..
34cm orange chevron aluminium clip collar and matching 1.5m safesnap slider 2.0. Navy web 20mm te..
Custom safesnap lead with combined safety link..
2 x 2m police leads with fleece padding 1 x 5m large bio long line 2 x Houdini vari fit harnes..
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