Quality Guarantee

Designed with strong dogs in mind!
All our items are made to a very high standard, using materials chosen for strength as well as style and comfort. All products are tested on strong working dogs including Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes and American Bulldogs

Our 20 & 25mm products use cushion polypropylene webbing, a thick but soft webbing with a strong weave. The exception to this is our fabric collars, which use flat polypropylene webbing, another strong webbing with a tight weave, but not as thick or soft, this need to be thinner as the fabric layers add to the thickness, and make the collar softer for the dog to wear.

Our 13mm, 40mm and 50mm products use straight or zigzag weave polypropylene webbing, as cushion webbing is not available in this size, again, this type of webbing is strong and long lasting, and able to withstand a huge amount of force.

Metal Hardware
All our rings are welded nickle coated iron 8g, each ring is checked carefully to ensure the weld has taken and there are no sharp edges along the weld. Any poorly welded rings are discarded and not used. The rings on our half check's are the same.

Our trigger clips are nickle plated cast iron, rather than cheaper nickle plated zinc, which can break without warning when a large amount of force is appliced suddenly (e.g a dog lunging).

We use karabiners tested to 25kN, which is 2,500kg, these are mountaineering grade screwgate karabiners.

Our 25mm 3 bar sliders are nickle plated cast iron, we never use plastic sliders on 25mm products.

Our SafeSnap clips and swivel links are made from aviation tested to 500kg.

We offer brass upgrades on most products. Brass is less susceptable to rust and has a lower freezing temperature.

Plastic Hardware
We use nylon 13mm 3 bar sliders, due to unavailability in the widths needed for the webbing. Nylon is sturdier than cheaper plastics often used for dog collars.

Nylon is also the material used for our side release buckles, plastic side releases do not last as well and are not as strong as nylon.

We only use bonded nylon thread, which is incredibly strong and rotproof.

We offer a LIFETIME guarantee against breakages. All our products are made to stand the test of time for their intended use, should an item break we will replace it free of charge upon its return to us.

Please note that this does not include chew damage. Please check your Indi-Dog gear for wear and chew damage before each use.




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